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Mulberry Colburn Associates has been offering their clients investment and financial advice and services since 2003. Since then we have worked hard to be known as one of the most comprehensive brokerage companies in all of Asia. We have been a firm believer that less is in fact not more, so we offer our clients a complete range of services that are tailored to there individual financial needs. Our services range from portfolio management, retail trading to institutional trading.

Being in the finance industry as long as we have, we have had the ability to build a strong global network of financial experts and analysts. This has been one of the most important parts of Mulberry’s success. We currently have analysts and research teams in six of the seven continents placed strategically in the most well known financial hubs in the world.

From our decades of experience dealing with a diverse range of clients, we understand that an individuals investments needs are unique to their situation, we also know how difficult it can be to manage your own finances when dealing with the day to day operation of your business, and personal responsibilities. Taking this into account Mulberry Colburn will work closely with you to create and maintain a personalized strategy that is both convenient and profitable for you.

While working with Mulberry Colburn Associates you gain access to a global network of financial experts spanning across a multitude of sectors in the markets. Having this in depth access to the major and minor markets, it will give your portfolio the opportunity to grow substantially while utilizing both standard investments and alternative investments. This in turn will put you onto the correct path to reach your financial goals.

No matter what your investment portfolio’s purpose is, whether it is planning for your retirement, your children’s education fund, or a passive source of income, Mulberry Colburn is here to assist you with all your financial needs. Being part of the ever growing financial industry for as long as we have, we understand that when it comes to investing everyone’s needs are different, which is why a unique approach to your strategy is essential. Since 2003 we have worked hard to become one of the largest full service brokerages in Hong Kong. Utilizing more than just our experience, we also make use of the best available technology to bring you the investment information you need to make a successful financial decision. We have gained our reputation from bringing our clients the information they need when they need it, which has left us with plenty of satisfied clients, which we have had the pleasure of serving.

When working with Mulberry Colburn you will have access to a fully customizable and executable portfolio management service. We aim to bring you a portfolio that will fulfill your short, mid and long term goals.this in combination with our truly client focused approach to investing enables us to give you the most successful memorable experience. You are in complete control of your finances, but you may not know how to maximize them, Mulberry Colburn will give you all the options to create a path to your financial future.

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When working with Mulberry Colburn Associates we take a slightly different approach to choosing the best strategies than most.

Institutional Trading

We understand from years of being in the finance industry that no investment will ever be successful without in depth research of the opportunity at hand.


We make sure to offer our clients investment advice that will lead to a lucrative return on investment.